Rooftop Recordings

Rooftop Recordings is the home studio of producer/engineer Nick Russell.

The studio uses industry standard equipment (analog and digital), at very competitive prices. If you choose to use this studio, it is cheaper than getting Nick Russell to record externally as all the equipment used is homed at the studio.

The studio and producers ethos is to create a live and ‘real’ sound by using the rooms acoustics, as well as being as professional sounding as the industry standard.


Rooftop Recordings equipment


Tascam M-216 Analog Mixing Desk. This vintage analog mixing desk has warm sounding preamps and a great analog 3-band EQ.


This Ampeg BA-112 v2 can be used by any artist recording here. It delivers a classic Ampeg tone and also has Ampeg’s Scrambler bass overdrive built in.


Rooftop Recordings has a great room sound for drums and any other instrument, placing a mic at the bottom of these stairs is the perfect position to capture the room sound.


This 20 watt Blackstar Studio head and 4×12 custom Matamp cab can be used by any artists recording here. The Blackstar head produces a thick Marshall type tone, which is great for thick distortion tones. The Matamp 4×12 cab is loaded with warm sounding Goodman speakers in it.


The Scarlett 18i20 has 8 mic inputs which the Tascam mixing desk goes into before going into Pro-Tools.


The Pittsburgh modular synth can be used by any artist, as well as the Alesis Q49 midi keyboard. The modular synth can be used as a simple mono bass synth to an experimental synth creating soundscapes.


The Vox AC30 and Vox 2×12 Night Train cab can be used by any artist. The AC30 is a classic valve amp perfect for clean or vintage tones. The cab is loaded with crisp G12 Celestion speakers.


Guitar pedals available to use; Cry Baby wah, Boss Volume pedal, MXR Dyno Comp, Fender ABY pedal, Full Drive Fulltone 3, RML Electon Fuzz, ZVEX Fuzz Factory, Boss DD7, Boss Tuner Pedal, EHX Pitchfork, TC-Electronics T2, Earthquaker Devices Grand Orbiter, Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run.


Microphones used in Rooftop Recordings: Rode NT1-A large condenser mic, sE X1R ribbon mic, Shure SM57 dynamic mic, AKG Rhythm Pack (D112, 4xD40’s, and 2xP430’s)