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I am a musician;a producer;Nick Russell

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Nick Russell is both an in-house and freelance music producer and recording/mixing/mastering engineer. He records artists at Unit 45 Recordings where he is an in-house producer, or as a freelance producer, recording wherever you prefer using his transportable recording setup. He has experience recording many different genres from folk, rock, electronic to even brass band. He can mix and master your tracks too, all using a mixture of industry standard DAW’s and analog/digital recording equipment.

Nick offers podcast recording, editing and mixing too. He now has a lot of experience in this by doing the P’s In A Pod podcast at Unit 45 Recordings. He records, edits and mixes each episode as well as helping to create the jingles too. You can check out his podcast portfolio in the ‘My Work‘ section.

He completed 3 years in a BA Hons Music Production degree at Hull College as well as taking part in the Hull music scene for many years. He has also recorded many different artists building relationships with them and also collaborating with them, building on their tracks.

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