Hi everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been active. Since the last blog post I have helped build and setup my new studio with 2 other producers, located down Brook Street in Hull city centre. We have called it Unit 45 Recordings (links at the bottom of this blog post). We rent the studio space off a Hull based Arts charity called The Creative and Cultural Organisation who are a great charity in general and have a lot of amazing things going on all the time. We have been officially open since August 2020, not a great year to start things off as you can imagine, having knock-backs due to lockdowns and a period of time where we didn’t have electricity due to matters out of our hands, however over the last few months we have been getting a lot of clients in (recording and/or rehearsing) as well as our podcast called P’s In A Pod.
123068463_121040146445921_7329772909631416509_nOur podcast “P’s In A Pod” was created during the first lockdown to keep us from going insane. Since then we have finished two series of it, the first one consisting of 20 episodes and the second series consisting of 10. We have also been getting guests to appear on episodes, from local artists to venue managers and music journalists. P’s In A Pod covers everything music based, from our favourite albums to more in depth episodes like how branding can be useful in todays music industry, and much much more.


As for me personally, I am now fully self employed as a music producer. Even though I’ve only had one of my clients (since moving to Unit 45 Recordings) release a track I worked on with them, I have worked with many more who are still yet to release their work. So keep your eyes peeled for them.

Finally, with my own music endeavours, I have been very active with my solo project 6:17. Recording and releasing my debut album H01E5  in 2020, recorded during the first lockdown at home on my own, which turned out to be a very stressful yet rewarding process, and it was mixed by my good friend Ben Crossland. Then in October 2021, I released an EP called Crown. It was a collaborative project with another great local artist called Alfonso Conspiracy, creating some of my favourite songs I’ve ever worked on, mostly recorded at Unit 45 Recordings as well.

Thanks for giving this a read everyone, and I promise the next blog post wont be too far in the future, cya soon – Nick



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